Affiliate Disclosure

If you’re not the customer, then you’re probably the product. I don’t charge you anything to read my awesome stuff, so what do you think that makes you?

Yup. I try to make money off of you. I do it some subtle and not-so subtle ways.


First, you’ll notice that I slip advertisements into all of my posts. I primarily use Google AdSense within the posts themselves.

Google should be serving ads that they think might be useful to you. It’s spooky, because they’re usually pretty good at that.

If you notice them advertising something completely against the theme of this site, like beard oil or get rich quick nonsense, then that’s not on me, man. If you see really weird stuff like kudzu-covered tortoise porn, then that probably got served due to your weird Google search history. Hey, I’m not judging.

I also have a little banner ad on the sidebar for BlueHost. They host websites. I get paid when you start your own website and host it through them. It’s a little hypocritical since I don’t even use them for this site, but they’re just as good as any other big web host and they pay well.

Affiliate Links

Within the content that I create, I will sometimes slip an affiliate link into the conversation. An affiliate link is a link to a product or service that pays me if you buy the product or sign-up for the service.

I only slip these little links in if I think its relevant to the topic. Sometimes, I slip them in as a joke, but it’s usually pretty obvious when I’m doing this.

I also don’t like to be affiliated with products that will only cost you money in the long run. So I usually only post affiliate links that in some way help you to save money, such as with SoFi and their debt refinancing. Capital One 360 actually GIVES you money to start an account, and so does Acorns.

I’ve avoided credit card offers, because if you’re trying to get your personal finances together, then that’s like giving whisky to an alcoholic. They’re great tools, and they have some pretty fantastic offers, plus they pay big fat affiliate commission.

I could have an entire blog about credit card “hacking” and make bank. But the credit card companies are smarter than you and me. Trust me. Some people can get some coin by hacking credit card offers. Most people will just get more in debt.

You also notice I don’t have an affiliate agreement with Dollar Beard Club, because I think beard oil is stupid, wastefully expensive, and they go one further by selling god-awfully asinine beard vitamins. They have a hellaciously funny ad, but geez. How big a hypocrite can I be? The answer is a BIG hypocrite, but not for only $10 a lead.

Suck it, buttercup. We’re all trying to sell you something

Websites ain’t free. It costs money to run this silly little blog about money. Yes, it took only the blog’s first month to pay for two years worth of these costs. I’m greedy. Get over it.

We’re all trying to sell you something. However, I do take comfort in the fact that I don’t need the money this site generates (it’s very little, BTW). So I don’t have to get all spammy on you.

If it feels like I am, then … you know … get the fuck out.