Beards and Money: Let ‘em Grow

Let 'em grow. That’s the theme for this blog about beards and money. I have two simple goals for this blog: (1) to help people grow the most luxurious and awesome beard they can, and (2) to help people grow their money so that financial independence is achieved. That’s it. Everything I write about here will be based on those two goals.

In this introductory post, I’m going to explain the basic principles of beard and cash stash growth, discuss my motivations for starting the blog, and tell you about some future content that will be coming soon.

You’re probably thinking to yourself “why a blog about beards and money?” What do these two things possibly have in common? Well, I’m glad you asked because it allows me the opportunity to explain my two basic principles for growing beards and growing your stash of cash. Here they are:

1. Stop shaving your facial hair.

2. Stop spending all your money.

That’s it. Growing a beard is a lot like building your net worth. All you have to do is stop doing certain things and like magic you have a beard and money in the bank. I plan to continue writing this blog with all of my content focused around those two principles. They seem very simple, but you would be surprised how terrible everyone seems to be with doing those two things.

First, let’s talk about beards. There is an entire industry around growing beards. There are websites devoted to the process, and you can even hire a beard coach to help you along the way towards beardom. A beard coach. Yes, I’m fucking serious. People pay other people for advice on how not to shave. This. Is. Insane.

Here’s why: growing a beard is no mystery. In fact, it just happens so long as you don’t do anything. To grow an absolutely luxurious beard, you simply just stop shaving. Stop shaving, and after a few months, you have a great beard. Keep that up for a year, and you have the most badass beard your friends and family have ever witnessed.

Growing a beard is great, because it just requires you to not do something that isn’t very much fun and that costs a lot of money. Who told you that you had to shave, anyway? Growing a beard does take a commitment, though, because we have been socially conditioned to perform this strange morning sacrifice of our precious facial hair. You’ve probably been shaving all of your adult life, so you do have to decide to grow a beard, and then fight the urge to shave it off as you go through some tough beard times.

Growing your net worth takes a similar commitment. You have to decide that growing your stash is a goal, and go about the very simple process of doing it. And just like growing a beard, all you have to do is decide to stop spending so damn much money. We’ll get into that in the posts that follow, but it really is basically that simple.

The modern human lives in the wealthiest period of history. If you’re American, Canadian, or European, then you live in one of the wealthiest countries in the world. That wealth is oozing out everywhere. People in poverty in the USA have color TV with 100 channels of shit, cell phones, clean water, and access to the best and most modern medicine ever in human history. And everyone would have way more money if they just stopped listening to the marketing and social pressures all around them and decided instead to not spend all of their money.

I’m dead serious that you can be rich and financially independent by simply spending less money. It doesn’t matter what your income. You can become financially independent relatively fast even on minimum wage. People that tell you otherwise are idiots. People that tell you that you can be rich WITHOUT spending less are not idiots, they’re just trying to scam you. Spend less. Save more. That’s the key to wealth, and I’ll show you the details in this blog.

So you’ve decided to let your beard and/or your money grow. Good. Then here is what you have to look forward to. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to talk about some important money and bearding tips that you can start implementing into your life. Within the next few months, you and I will have awesome beards and big, fat bank accounts.

You’ll learn …

  • How to avoid spending money on stupid beard “products” that every other bearding website will try to shove down your throat.
  • How I’m traveling all around Europe for the next 5 months for better than free. I’m getting friggin’ paid!
  • How to spend nothing in the most expensive city in the world and still have a fancy-ass time while impressing the hell out of your significant other.
  • Why growing a beard gives you confidence, and how this can improve your job prospects and bottomline.
  • How you can save stacks of hundred dollar bills quickly and retire within the next 10 years, no matter what your age.
  • Dividends: your money working way harder for you than you can.
  • Making your own beard oil.

I’ve got these and many other posts coming. So keep coming back, stop shaving, stop spending so much damn money, and we’ll both be rich and bearded.