The Experiment!

Those that have read this blog know that I'm a scientist in real life. I have a cool lab and everything! So when I get interested in something, I science the shit out of it. Right now, I'm currious about a specific research question having to do with online marketing. I can't tell you what that research question is just yet, as the experiment is ongoing. I also can't tell you what the experiment is. What I can say is that the experiment has something to do with the posts on this page. I'll update this page when the experiment has concluded and let you know the results. So ... stay tuned.

Taking Money Personally:

The Definitive Guide to Being Awesome with your Finances

The following is a series of posts on personal finance I'm calling "The Definitive Guide to Being Awesome with your Finances". These posts approach the topic from the perspective I've discussed on this blog for years: how to frame problems, define situations, and make decisions using expert-like problem-solving strategies and multiple epistemic resources. Unlike the rest of the site, there is no cursing in these posts and the tone is more educational as opposed to entertainment-y. The posts are designed to be read in order, but feel free to skip around. These posts will be released sequentially on Twitter at a rate of approximately three per week.